Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Libraries using Twitter

For your comp task you need to create a blog post which outlines some of the best ways libraries can use Twitter and why it might be better for some purposes than using other social media platforms.

There are loads of articles on using Twitter in libraries. I think this one by SCIS gives a good overview.Twitter is ideal for libraries who want to:

  • Be able to update their members with quick short messages eg. "The library will close early at 4.00pm on 21 April to celebrate Margie's birthday."
  • To link new products or news which are held on the library's website.
  • To link to a website or item that is library related in some way eg. Announcement of Children's Book Week award winner.
  • To provide photos and updates of library events.
  • To point library users to information elsewhere that is more in-depth eg. the progress reports on a new library building.
Take a look at the Twitter feed for @EasternRegional library service. They use their Twitter feed for all of the above reasons. 

Twitter is also ideal for library staff to use to increase their professional knowledge. Staff can follow organisations such as ALIA or leaders in the industry and gather ideas about latest issues, technologies and techniques.

Twitter is quick, mobile and easy to manage.

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